Importers or Buyers Directorories is one of the leading websites giving detailed information about the world major buyers. provides complete information on the world's major buyers from more than 150 different countries. The Buyers Directory website is specially designed and compiled for
exporters and trading firms who wish to expand their business in international market.
The web-site has been initially started with a small records of thousands entries of buyers from different countries and within a next six month we have a target to increase the buyers listing up to ten thousands including entries of buyers from Europe, America, Middle East, Asia / Pacific, South / Central America and Africa. Detailed company information, including contact person, email address, business activity and detailed listing of products imported. It is particularly recommended to
who will find the contents of great value in their evaluating new potential business contact as strategies. Everyone in matters related to export and import will find this directory very useful.
The company information listed in Buyers Directory has been collected from very reliable sources like electronic media, embassies and different association of the concerned countries listed in the directory. Having in view the export promotional programme our dedicated team has compiled Buyers Directory with hard work, efforts and devotion. The Buyers Directory website is indispensable to anyone in the
export business.
The Buyers Directory has been carefully compiled by extensive use of questionnaires sent to importing firms. As most exporters have found out, the process of gathering detailed information about importing in other countries. This is the reason why this directory will mark its place on the shelves of exporters, manufacturers, governmental trade departments, embassies and export promotional organizations in many countries.

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